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Daily hiking and multi-day trekking in the countryside of Finale and through protected areas of Liguria, among Mediterranean maquis discovering fauna and flora, accompanied by mountain guides.


Finale Ligure and surroundings – Daily hiking and trekking over several days in the highlands of Finale immersed in the Mediterranean maquis discovering the rich historical and archaeological environment, accompanied by mountain guides.

The excursions take place for groups of 10 people: € 25 per person.

Hiking for beginners and experts in the highlands of the Finale

immersed in the Mediterranean maquis, discovering the cave dwellings of prehistoric engravings.

Trekking multi-day “Wild Finale”

a new path that combines hiking to mountaineering technique: aerial crossings on the rocky cliffs, with the use of climbing equipment, you can also picnic in caves, light a bonfire, and finally earn a bath at  “unattainable” beaches.

Trekking “Alta via of Ligurian Mountains”

from olive groves to pine forests, passing through the Mediterranean maquis, chestnut forests and majestic beech trees (Melogno / Carmo groups)dagli uliveti alle abetaie, passando attraverso la macchia mediterranea, boschi di castagni e maestose faggete (gruppi del Melogno/Carmo)

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Liguria is not only beach, sun and sea, it is also characterized by its countryside, steep mountains close to the sea that offer unforgettable views, which have fascinated poets and writers in history. Its countryside, rich in history and nature, attracts an increasing number of hikers who travel the ancient paths between rich history ruins, villages, Ciappi and charming churches.

Hiking or trekking in Liguria, is an outdoor activity for nature lovers who will get to know a different Liguria, to fall in love with right away. Hiking in Liguria: an activity to be practiced all year round, ideal for beginners.