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Guided tours in Liguria

Guided tours in Liguria, in the hinterland of Finale Ligure, accompanied by guides. Guided tours in French, English, Spanish and German.

Finale Ligure, Noli and the hinterland


Half day with guide 120 €
Full day with guide 175 €

Finale Ligure and Finalborgo

Of prehistoric origin this town belonged to the Del Carretto family. It was passed in the 16th century to Spain and later came under the Austrian government which sold it to the republic of Genoa in 1713.
Finalborgo is surrounded by the ancient defensive walls of the 15th century. The church of San Biagio conserves a marble pulpit by P. Bocciardo, a true masterpiece of what is known as Genoese “barocchetto”. Rising above the town are the remains of the Castel Gavone.

Varigotti, Saraceno Borgo

A few kilometres from Finale Ligure is the hamlet of Varigotti, a seaside resort with Mediterranean-style houses dating from the 14th century. Low-built painted houses which line the beach.

The Maritime Republic of Noli

Noli, which has maintained its old appearance, is dominated by the ruins of the Castello of monte Ursino. An ancient seafaring village, surrounded by walls and watched over by high

Borgio Verezzi and the caves

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